Skipping Fit

Some methods of losing weight through exercise can be hard work, while others can be pretty easy and again, others can actually be a lot of fun.

One of the exercise types that falls into that last category has to be skipping.

If you haven't considered it as a very nice way to improve your fitness levels while burning off some of that excess fat, then this article might just put the idea into your head!

Skipping is one of those things that we associate with school kids in the playground and occasionally, boxers going through their training sessions in a sweaty gym someplace, usually in a movie which then places it in a downtown New York dive with some very shady characters. Anyway, this is one of those ideas that few people actually catch onto until someone goes and puts the idea in front of them.

Skipping is pretty easy to do, so that most people can have a go at it if they want to. It doesn't take up any room and you can do it just about anywhere there is room to swing the rope.

That can be indoors or out as you prefer. So if you have a nice sunny day and you are lost for something to do, grab your skipping rope, get out onto the patio and run through a skipping session while enjoying the sunshine and fresh air!

The Health and Fitness Benefits of Skipping

This is where the beneficial aspects to skipping come into their own, because it is an activity that gets your body moving as well as sharpening your coordination skills. The skipping action gets your heart rate up and raises your breathing rate which places it into the aerobic or cardiovascular exercise pigeon hole.

Keep the exercise up for twenty minutes or more and you will force your body to start burning fat to keep supplying your muscles with energy (see our article about getting fit for a more detailed explanation of how that works). This can easily be done.

But you'll have to gradually work your way up to that level by starting off with a short session when you first get started, then increasing the length of time you do the exercise each day. You'll be surprised at how fast you'll get up to and beyond the important twenty minute mark.

To help you skip for longer without it becoming tedious, a great aid is to put on some rousing music that you like to listen to. Make sure it has a pretty good, moderate to fast beat, crank up the volume and then go for it!

So that's about all you really need to know to add another useful and effective exercise routine to your list of daily fitness boosters. Skipping is a great weight loss exercise that is easy and fun to do that you can do wherever you like and you will benefit greatly from the boost in fitness and stamina while toning up your body to look and feel absolutely great!