Helping Your Child Breathe More Easily

There are way too many children that suffer from breathing problems such as asthma or allergy based conditions such as hay fever, yet little is done about finding a gentle, natural solution.

Parents are reliant almost entirely on their family doctors to prescribe medications and inhalers to try and relieve the often frightening symptoms that can leave little ones in great difficulty breathing.

Yet there exists a completely natural and very gentle solution that can help enormously with alleviating the dire symptoms of such respiratory conditions to the extent that reliance on medications and inhalers can be reduced, in many cases dramatically. This solution is simply salt air therapy that is known to work and to be extremely effective at improving the breathing of adults as well as children.

Seaside Vacation

healthy salty air seaside vacationThe most common form of this therapy is simply to take a two week vacation to a seaside town or holiday resort and let the child breathe in the naturally salty sea air.

This air gets into the bronchial airways and helps to gently cleanse and unblock them while killing harmful bacteria and microbes that can irritate the delicate lining membranes.

Salty air also helps to reduce inflammation, which is so important to reducing the narrowing effect that causes the breathing difficulties, whether brought on by anxiety or environmental toxins or pollutants.

A similar effect can be obtained by spending time in specially prepared salt mines.

Salt Pipe: A Convenient Option

However, it is not always convenient to travel to the seaside if you live inland, so most people simply make do with their prescription medications and inhalers for the most part. Yet there is a simple device that emulates the sea air in a portable natural inhaling device called a salt pipe.

Salt pipes simply have salt crystals inside so that when you inhale through them, you breathe in the salty air just like being by the ocean, except you can use these anywhere. You can find out more about these at, a section of a doctor's website dedicated to salt air therapy and providing information on natural treatments for respiratory conditions in both adults and children.


This type of respiratory therapy is more correctly known as speleotherapy (or haleotherapy) and has been researched extensively during many medical studies looking into the health properties of salt air. The results prove that this is completely safe and natural way to improve health in general in addition to remedying many respiratory ailments in both adults and children.

If your child suffers with breathing difficulties, it is certainly well worth finding out more about how simple salty air can help to reduce symptoms and the frequency of inhaler use. Speak to your doctor about it and if he or she hasn't heard about this type of natural treatment, seek a second opinion as is your right to do so and give your child a fighting chance of leading as close to a normal life as possible.

Taking this sensible approach to your child's health by working in conjunction with the medical profession and using this natural and safe method can bring a healthy future to your child and potentially free them from being reliant on strong drug-based treatments that may not even be necessary. But do check with your doctor first!